• LELEKA -100

    Unmanned aerial system "Leleka-100" is fully automatic UAV system suitable for common military, industrial and commercial tasks. Main advantage of the system is advanced inertial navigation, which allows to operate in harsh and GPS denied environment. The system is can be equipped with EO and IR gimbals. It has quiet and reliable electric motor, which allows operations on low altitude without being noticed.


      LELEKA-100 UAV can carry a wide range of different payloads which can be quickly replaces thanks to modular design of the drone. Double-axes camera gimbals are gyro-stabilized and are remotely controlled in directions of the flight.
      Payload types:

      ● Daylight payload EO;

      ● Thermal camera payload;

      ● High-resolution photo payload.


      Our UAS is shipped in light and impact-resistant plastic cases that contain all the necessary components of the system. Small dimensions and low weight make it possible to transport it in a van or SUV.The control system consists of a ground control station, antennas and manual remote control unit.


      LELEKA-100 unmanned aerial system is officially on services in Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2015. Our solution has received positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators, and intelligence agents. It is one of the most commonly used drones of its class in Ukrainian Army and has most of the flight hours recorded. Leleka-100 even participated in a Military Parade in honor of Independence Day of Ukraineю


      Ground control station is located in rugged protection case. UAV control is carried out through an encrypted digital radio channel, which allows receiving the telemetry data overall period of the flight. The operator can trace the location of UAV on the satellite maps, correct the route, operate with a payload and give other commands to UAV. In a case of signal jamming, the UAV can continue an autonomy flight or return and make a landing in the programmed point.