USG-211 gyro-stabilized gimbal with Full HD camera can be mounted on any fixed-wing or VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It combines light weight, high quality Sony camera and affordable price. Which makes it perfect choice for nearly any application.


USG-212 multi sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal was designed to be used on UAV and small manned aircraft. The gimbal is equipped with Full HD Sony block camera with 30x optical zoom and high quality IR camera. It is sealed and can be operated in any weather conditions.


USG-301 is an industrial grade 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with integrated Full HD Sony camera. This gimbal was designed to be operated on multi-rotor drones like DJI S1000, DJI Matrice 600 and similar. High-performance gyro-stabilization, 30x optical zoom, excellent image quality, on-board recording and affordable price make it perfect choice for inspections, security, search and rescue and other similar applications.


USG-302 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with EO and IR sensors for inspections, security and industrial applications. Sony camera provides excellent Full HD video and 30x optical zoom, while thermal camera allows you to detect targets at night or low visibility conditions and gives you priceless information if you are inspecting objects. High-performance 3-axis gyro-stabilized keeps sensors steady offering you crystal clear video footage.

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